Sunday, March 23, 2014

Trying Toddler Activities

Sunday, March 23, 2014
In an effort to be a good mom I've been trying to find different activities for Eisley during the day. Well this time we tried finger painting!

As you can see we only had a few colors from my craft box, yellow, teal, and silver. I'm not sure if she liked it. She kept holding her fingers out and going "uuuh?", the noise she makes when she wants me to clean her hands. It was fun to see her explore something new and I'm hoping to try out a few more different activities with her.

I do wish I had looked on the bottles before we started though. The yellow was made for ceramics so it actually painted the bathtub. I had to scrub it, pretty hard too, and I still think there's a yellow hue in spots. We ended up getting the Crayola Finger Paints this weekend so we don't have to be so careful. I also picked up a few random trinkets/craft supplies to have her play with. Pom poms, foam stickers, crayons, paper, and water color paints. I'm really excited to have more activities for her to do. I'm open to any ideas too, please feel free to leave them in the comments.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

E's 15 Month Update!

Thursday, March 20, 2014
It's been a LOOOONG time since I've done an update on Eisley. Since I was finalizing the update posts I figured I'd do one on JUST Eisley.

She's getting SO big. Her last weigh in she was 22 lbs and 31 inches tall. She has 8 teeth but is currently working on 4 molars. She has always been a great teether but these molars are brutal. I feel so bad for her. She started walking the beginning of March and has since become a pro at it. She will crawl occasionally but I think it's only when she's being lazy. Her hair is getting out of control long and it curls in the back. I've tried to get a little more creative with her hair so she looks presentable, otherwise I feel like she looks like an orphan.

She carries her bags around like purses now. Sometimes she'll put toys in them but is perfectly happy if it's empty too. 

She's currently fighting off another respiratory infection. We have had the hardest time this year with colds! Her pediatrician thinks because she got RSV at such a young age it's compromised her immune system and she will have a harder time fighting off colds than other kids. This time around she's on antibiotics, albuterol and an inhaled steroid. She has another appointment tomorrow and I'm really hoping we can be done with the steroid. It is so hard to get her to sit still for 20-30 minutes with the nebulizer mask on. She absolutely hates it.

Our new Doctor's office has the exam beds on the backs of animals and Eisley has enjoyed playing with them when we're there. 
She's starting to play more independently and it's so cute to watch her. She loves her Disney princesses and she even enjoys watching them on the iPad. She's becoming very opinionated and knows what she wants or doesn't want. She's not saying very many words yet, only the usual Mama and Daddy. She signs Please and All Done during meal times and we're working on More. She's learning so much and watching her grow has been an incredible experience.

Playing with her Little People. 
We haven't had any warm weather here yet but once it warms up I plan to take her to the park that's across the street to play. She loved the swings last year when I took her and I feel like she'll love them even more this year. We (I) have made a few friends online through this experience. Some of them have kids and have even moved here to be with their husbands during school. We haven't had a chance to go play with them yet because it's been cold and Eisley has been sick but I'm really hoping we'll be able to soon!

I have started telling Eisley that Mommy has a baby growing in her tummy. I don't know that she fully understands it yet but she is very cute with her baby dolls. She'll carry them around and "feed" them and pat them on the back. I hope it's a sign that she'll do okay when our new addition arrives.

That's all for now! I'm hoping to blog more frequently from here on out so I'm sure there will be plenty more to come.

Update #2

Well, after New Years, I started to prepare for our trip out to see James graduate from Basic training. We hadn't heard from him other than a few letters and at this point I figured no news was good news. My mom was able to come with me and James' parents were flying out to meet us.

We flew in on Thursday afternoon. As I was picking up the car I got the "I'm a Sailor" call from my husband informing me he had passed all his tests and would be at the graduation the next day. I was able to talk to him for about an hour and then my mom and I drove to our hotel. We spent a quiet night at the hotel and I got everything ready for the next day. I had to pamper myself a little and make sure I had the perfect outfit picked out to see my husband, and the perfect outfit for Eisley to see her Daddy again!

The next morning we woke up early to get ready. We met James' parents on base and went through the security to find our seats. The graduation ceremony was great and wasn't as long as I thought it might be. Eisley started getting fussy a little during the ceremony. She had been on a plane the day before and then went to bed late and up early. I couldn't really expect much else from her. When they finally called Liberty we rushed down from the bleachers to find James. It was a little overwhelming, there were TONS of just graduated Sailors and their families. James managed to find us first and I immediately cried. It was one of the most emotional reunions I've ever had.

He looked so different! We spent Friday night and Saturday with our families. Our parents left on Sunday and we spent the day just relaxing in the hotel. On Monday we did a little shopping and he helped me get packed up to go home. It was hard thinking we wouldn't see each other again for a while but knowing he had a cell phone now made things easier. We said goodbye Monday night and then Eisley and I left Tuesday morning. Little did I know how quickly things would take off from there.

Within a few days James already had the keys to our new town house on base. He had all the paperwork ready to get us moved and was going through the motions of getting the time off to come home to help. We didn't actually find out he would be able to come home and help us move until the day before he was supposed to leave. The Navy required that we purchase his plane ticket and have the route we would be driving back planned out.

During this time Eisley developed a cold. I just thought it was a regular cold and nothing too serious. Over the next few days it progressively got worse and I took her to the doctor. He suggested we start doing breathing treatments at home and have her suctioned at the hospital with a respiratory therapist. I took her to the therapist and she told me she didn't like the way Eisley was looking. She suggested we go to the Emergency Room. We went down to the ER and they put her on Oxygen and did a breathing treatment on her. While they were monitoring her they starting saying we may need to be transferred to a hospital that could handle Pediatric care better. The ER Doctor informed us we would be transferred to Primary Children's hospital to better treat her.

Eisley's First Ambulance Ride. 

Eisley's First IV.

All the wires and tubes. 

Her least favorite part of the whole thing. It was so hard to watch them suction her but it helped!

We spent 2 nights in the hospital and when we did get to go home she was on Oxygen for 5 days. She progressively got better but it was a lot of work. During this time we were trying to get the house packed up so we could move too! It was such a nightmare. They took her off Oxygen on Tuesday and we were set to move on Thursday.

Right before James came home I was able to schedule an ultrasound at Fetal Studios in Southtowne Mall and we were able to find out the gender of our new bundle! James and I are pleased to announce we're expecting a BOY. I've already started getting little boy clothes and planning things out. I can't wait until July!

We got everything packed up in one day and headed out the next morning. Saying goodbye to our families and friends was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but the adventure we were about to embark on was so exciting.

We drove all day Friday and Saturday and arrived at our new home at 1:00 am on Sunday morning. We got the mattress out of the truck and went inside to crash. James still had all day Sunday and Monday to help unpack the truck before he had to go back to base. James was AMAZING and unpacked almost the entire truck by himself on Sunday. We had a few people from our new ward come over and help us unload the heavier things. We spent Monday just relaxing and unpacking the necessities.

That week James had to sleep in the barracks. He hadn't Phased up to be able to sleep in our new house yet. We only had to spend a few nights apart because he phased up the following Friday (Valentine's Day) and was able to sleep at our house from then on out.

It's been a slow adjustment but it has been SO much fun. I have loved getting into our new home and finding a routine that works for us. Hopefully I can keep up on my blog more frequently. There's so much going on and I want to be able to keep our friends and family updated who don't receive updates every other day.

Update #1

I have some serious blog catching up to do. So much has happened since I last wrote. I can't believe I neglected it for so long. I've been dreading the catch up. I should have just kept at it and then I wouldn't have such a huge post to write.

I may not include everything. I'm sure, in fact, I'll forget stuff and I'll most likely have to do a 2 part post.

Since December 2, 2013:

Eisley had her first birthday! We had a small party with friends and family. She got so many great presents and new clothes.

Eisley didn't have any problems opening presents. 

I got her a little cupcake instead of a whole cake. She loved it. 

Once I made her taste it she was excited about the cupcake. 

Of course she had to make a huge mess!

I was also able to get a photo shoot done for her first birthday. A friend of mine requested to take a few pictures of her for the holidays and her first birthday. They turned out SO cute.

Also, in October my monthly friend returned. I was able to go 19 months without it and it was a glorious 19 months. Sorry if this is TMI, you can skip to the end of the paragraph, there's a point. SO with the return of my special friend, James and I talked about when we wanted to start trying for baby #2. This was before we even knew James would be leaving for Basic Training, and we assumed if we started trying right way we'd have a few months before he left to get pregnant again. So according to the timing I should have gotten my special friend the week before Thanksgiving. I tested because I wanted to know before James left and it was negative. I was sad thinking we wouldn't be able to try again until we were together again and we didn't even know when that would be. The week of Thanksgiving I still hadn't gotten my special friend, I tested again and was sad to see it was negative. I just figured since it's not unusual to have weird cycles after having a baby, mine would return to normal eventually. A week or so later I was having a hard time nursing Eisley. We hadn't had any problems since the beginning and it was hard to understand why I would have difficulties this late in the game. I tried to wait it out thinking it was just my hormones and the return of my special friend. A week later I was still having a hard time and I was at a loss. I turned to the other women in my life asking them if they had an experiences like this. My mom and my mother in law both told me I should take a pregnancy test. I thought the idea was preposterous but I did it anyway. Seconds after taking the test, I saw the blue line stating I was indeed pregnant! Not knowing when I got pregnant and if my first cycle was even reliable I made an appointment to see my family Dr. They confirmed I was indeed pregnant and estimated I was 8/9 weeks along.

It was SUCH a shock for me to find out I was pregnant. Especially after we had to try for so long before we were blessed with Eisley. I almost didn't believe it. And I felt even more weird knowing James didn't know and I didn't know when I'd be able to tell him. Luckily he called a few days later and I was able to tell him the news. He was so excited and told me it was just what he needed to hear. He'd been going through a rough time and was feeling a little homesick. It was hard not being able to gauge his reaction in real life, but his voice made him sound excited.

That phone call was one of the last calls I got from James while he was in boot camp. I didn't hear from him again until I was in Illinois about to rent a car to drive to our hotel. I'm lucky I don't have ridiculously hard pregnancies and I could take care of Eisley and make it through my first trimester.

We spent Christmas in Texas. We drove 21 hours to be able to see my dad's family. It was so nice to let them see/meet Eisley. I was also able to tell my dad's family in person that I was expecting again and they were all very excited for us too! It is always so hard to say goodbye after spending a week with family. We had such a great time and it really helped take my mind off not being able to see James during the holidays.
Meeting her cousin Penelope.

Meeting her cousin Austin
When I got home from Texas I had a few letters from James. It was so great to hear from him. He had a rough holidays. He wasn't able to call on Christmas like he was promised, I guess his drill instructor was a little harder on their division than the other ones. He also broke his finger and had to get 13 stitches in it! I cried when I read the letter he wrote me. I guess it got smashed between a table and a tiled windowsill. He said it was bleeding everywhere and you could see the bone. Gross.

Eisley and I celebrated the New Year quietly. We started out at my best friends house just hanging out and watching movies, then my hormones got the best of me and thinking of not being able to get my New Year's kiss made me a downer. Eisley and I were in bed asleep by 11:00.

To Be Continued....

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

Monday, December 2, 2013
What a week it's been! We've been so busy! E is feeling SO much better after her round of antibiotics kicked in. She still has to take them for a few more days but I'm so happy she's better. We've been waiting to get a letter from James since he left. I did get his box of clothes and I was disappointed to find out they didn't even smell like him... I had hoped it would smell like him so I could get one last whiff.

Thanksgiving morning James called us! It was only 8 min 57 sec but it was spectacular! I felt so lucky to be able to talk to him! He sounded great. And I almost cried hearing his voice but I tried to stay positive for him. After he hung up I completely lost it of course and E didn't help when she said Dada. He was able to give me his address so I finally sent out some letters on Friday. He should get them early this week and I'm sure they'll cheer him up. From what I've read online he should have started his Physical Training this week. I'm sure he'll do great, but we say a prayer every night that he's hanging in there and staying strong, just to give him a little boost.

Thanksgiving was GREAT. I absolutely love Thanksgiving. We spent it with my In-Laws and I ate WAY too much. I was in charge of the stuffing, green bean casserole and frog-eye salad. I wish I could have Thanksgiving twice a year! It was E's first Thanksgiving and we made sure to celebrate. I was sad to when I realized Thanksgiving is E's last first major holiday.

I had originally planned to do a before and after but E was so grumpy by the time dinner was over I just rushed her to the tub and put her down for a nap. 
 We finished off Thanksgiving by doing a little shopping... I wasn't planning on going but my Mother In-Law and Sister In-Law were going and so I figured why not. We went to Target and I didn't score any sweet deals but it was still fun to go. Then we walked over to Old Navy and I did get a few things there. A sweater dress, some tights, and some cute skinny jeans for E, some knit tights for me, and a sweater for James.

Friday and Saturday nights are so boring now, that's when I miss James the most. James and I always did stuff on Friday and Saturday nights and now I work, watch movies, and sit at home. We have the date James will graduate from Basic so I'll be able to see him January 17 and I'm counting down the days! Every day we're a little closer to finally seeing him again. But this is just the beginning, I'm sure there will be more time apart from him and this is just a taste of what Navy life will really be like.

I was able to see Catching Fire this weekend and I really enjoyed it. My mom watched E while I went with my sister, brother in-law and my youngest sister. It was fun to spend time with them and get out. It just made me want to read the books again. I may start doing that instead of watching movies on Friday and Saturday nights.

Here's a few pics of E I was able to get last. Her personality is really starting to come through and I can't wait to see who she becomes.

This was taken yesterday evening after dinner. She has started biting and when I look at her with my "stern" face and say "Hey, don't bite your mommy", she laughs. 

Also, I have a climber on my hands now. She's going to be getting into EVERYTHING when she starts walking. I'm excited and hesitant at the same time. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

E's 11 Month Update!

Sunday, November 24, 2013
Since we skipped 10 months we have a lot to catch up on!

E has 6 teeth now. She got her two lateral incisors and then her two central incisors about 2 weeks later. Needless to say, we've been teething a lot lately. Cranky babies and runny noses are no fun. Her little mouth looks so cute with teeth though, I love it!

This was right when the two central incisors were breaking through. 

Her hair in this was post-nap, but you can see her teeth perfectly so I had to post it. 

She isn't walking yet but stands frequently by her self. I'm not in a hurry to get her walking, although it would be nice not to carry her everywhere. 

Yesterday we had a surprise birthday party for my grandma and for part of it we went to NickleCity in Orem/Provo and since E couldn't really do anything I tried to put her in one of the rides and this was the result: 
It's a pretty blurry but as you can see she hated it. 
We've been fighting a cold the last 3 weeks and it hasn't been too bad. No fever, just a runny nose and cough. She's been a trooper. Well, this past weekend, (of course after James leaves) she got really sick with a fever and her cough seemed more productive/mucous-y. I was pretty worried about her but I hate to be the person that rushes to the Dr. So I waited all day Saturday and it seemed to respond well to Tylenol and Ibuprofen so I thought she'd be okay and get over it on her own. Then Saturday night she seemed pretty fussy but went to bed fairly quickly without a fight. At 3:00 this morning she seemed warmer than she had so far and when I checked her temperature I was surprised to see it was up to 102.8. I gave her Ibuprofen and hoped it would go down again like it had the day before. When we woke up at 9 she was still very warm and was practically inconsolable. I tried everything I could think of. So I gave in and took her to Urgent Care. Boy am I glad I did! It turns out she has a double ear infection. Poor baby! The Dr said we caught it pretty early but it still needed to be treated with antibiotics. E's first time having antibiotics! After the Dr, I brought her home and gave her the first dose and she went to sleep for a little bit, I couldn't resist this cute picture of her. 

We have had a blast with E learning new things. She is getting into everything now and thinks it's funny when I tell her she shouldn't play with something, or please don't do that. Her favorite thing right now is to get the fluff out of the arm of the couch. I didn't even know there was a hole in it but somehow E found it and she LOVES to pull that stuff out. When I catch her doing it I always say "Hey! What are you doing?!" and she just giggles and tries to crawl away super fast. She has such a fun personality. Last night I was missing James pretty bad and as I'm laying in bed crying she's snuggling me and she just starts giggling. She's definitely her father's daughter. James always laughs at me when I cry too, he always tells me there's no reason to cry and then gives me a hug. So when E laughs at me and then snuggles me it reminds me of James and I feel a little bit better about it. 

I can't believe we are on the countdown to E being 1 already! I feel like she has always been a part of our lives and at the same time it feels like just yesterday I was pregnant with her and couldn't wait for her to be here. 

Anyway, we're surviving without James... barely. E sometimes at night will say Dada and that breaks my heart the most. But with her growing so much and learning so many new things time will go by very quickly for me. I know it must be hard for James but I'm sure they're keeping him busy out there. I'm just grateful I have her to keep me busy and remind me to keep going. I feel like, if I didn't have her to make me get up and act like an adult, I wouldn't even bother leaving the house or doing anything. But since I have her, I have to get up and eat food and take care of her and be a functioning member of society.

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Start of Our Adventure

Friday, November 22, 2013

Well, it's official... He's gone.

I did the best I could to not cry most of the time we had left together. On Wednesday we spent the day together finishing up last minute errands and making sure I had everything, or as much of everything as possible, sorted out. Then we went to dinner and went up to Salt Lake for the rest of the night to spend some time together. James wanted to get Eisley a little early Christmas present, so we went to the Disney store to get one of the plush Princess dolls and we found out they were buy one get one for a dollar! We couldn't resist getting two so we let her pick which ones she wanted by holding up two and then using the process of elimination to pick two. We got ice cream together and just tried to spend the last few hours alone as a family. That night I had to drop him off at the hotel to stay overnight so he could get up early for processing and to get ready to go. That was probably the hardest part. Just knowing we wouldn't sleep in the same bed together for quite some time... It's hard to think about. I w as a wreck driving home. I had to call my mom just to get me through the drive.

Then Thursday we went to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) and we got to see him swear in. I was able to film it so we could look back on it and hear his voice when we're really missing him. His whole family came and about half of my family was able to make it, crazy work schedules prevented a few of them from being able to come, but they were there in spirit. It was a lot easier to say good bye than I thought it would be. Don't take it the wrong way, I was basically dying on the inside and felt like I would burst into tears at any given second. But I wanted to be strong for my husband and show him we would be alright without him for a little while. I held it together most of today. I did break down when a dear friend checked in on me and said our family was in her thoughts. It helps having family and great friends to lean on when you need them.

I'm planning to write him twice a week, less or more depending on what he tells me once we start. I promised him I wouldn't tell him how much we miss him but rather fill him in on whats happening with us and everybody else. I'm looking for any ideas on what to say to him in the letters or how to make it creative.

I'm so proud of my husband! What a sacrifice to go and spend the next eight weeks working his tail off to make it so we could have a better life. It's going to be rough but in the end it will be worth it. I just can't believe we've been talking about doing this for so long and it's here. We didn't expect it to be so soon but the sooner he leaves the sooner we get to be together.